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Floyd Poché, Proprietor
Established 1962

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An exclusive new story connects our National Museum (The Smithsonian) with True, Original Acadiana Culture, Heritage, and Music! The Smithsonian has acquired two hand-made American musical instruments called the FROTTOIR (rubboard) unique to Southwest Louisiana music from Tee Don Landry, son of the Frottoir's first maker!!! These instruments are housed in the National Museum of American History.

Recent Media Coverage of Poche's Market

Crawfish is King in Breaux Bridge

We learned more about crawfish from another local resident, Floyd Poché, whose crawfish pond supplies his popular business, Poche's Market and Restaurant at 3015A Main Hwy. Poche's specializes in boudin, an old-time Cajun sausage made from pork, rice, onion tops and special seasonings. Floyd sells his Cajun specialties at the market and restaurant and ships 10,000 to 12,000 pounds of meats from his smokehouse to mail-order customers every week. 

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If you follow the boudin trail you'll find Poche's 

by Lucy Leger

In Louisiana you can find such fineries in life as cracklins, boudin, and hog's head cheese. Perhaps there is no other place like it. Cajuns have a knack for making things better. People from everywhere just can't resist the flavors. "Cajun County" is a cultural mixture of French, Spanish, Italian, African American, and German. It is surrounded by swampland and abound with crayfish, alligators, and wild game.

When our ancestors landed on these shores they had little more than the clothes on their backs. With their ingenuity they were able to survive. They had a way of creating things with what they had. Perhaps, some of this came with them from a land and culture they had left behind. They raised hogs and cattle to supply them with the necessities of life. During the fall when the weather was cool and most of their crops were harvested, it was time for celebrating and getting ready for
the winter months ahead. Neighbors gathered for a bouchré (butchering a hog). Every part of the hog was utilized. Not one part went to waste. 

In 1859, along the banks of The Bayou Teche, near Breaux Bridge, Antoine and Adela Poché made their home. They farmed the land and also raised cattle and hogs. Antoine, a man with a good eye for business, opened a meat market. Under a large pecan tree overlooking the bayou he would butcher is hogs, boil them in a big black iron kettle and make cracklins, boudin, sausage, and hog's head cheese. He used a hand saw to cut his meat. Hogs weighed anywhere from 300 to 500 pounds when butchered. Wood from a pecan tree was used to smoke the meat. This gave it a delicate flavor. Fire later destroyed the business, leaving a devastating effect on Antoine's health.

Lug Poché, Antoine's grandson, and his wife Eleanor inherited the business, a small one room store. In 1962 Poche's Market and Restaurant was established. Lug provided quality products and excellent service to his customers. As a result the business prospered and grew. In 1976 Lug retired and passed the business on to his son Floyd.
As a boy, Floyd was fascinated with the business. He would sit under a shade tree near the Bayou Teche to watch the bouchré. A large fire was built with a big black pot sitting on top. Water from the bayou was boiled to prepare the hog. Every part of the hog was used to make the delicacies that are hard to resist.

Today Floyd and his wife Karen run the business. At Poche's you will find the traditional, out of this world cracklins, boudin, sausage, and hog's head cheese along with good service.

You'll also enjoy seafood, etouffeé, gumbo and other Cajun delights. On weekends people come from everywhere to feast on Bar-B-Que pork, Chicken, and sausage. Little has changed in the routine since Floyd's great-grandfather opened his market. Their products are known worldwide and shipped to every corner of the United States. All you have to do is follow the boudin trail down Highway 31 to Breaux Bridge. There you'll find Poche's and you won't regret it!

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The best Boudin comes from a small area in Southwestern Louisiana

Judging was a difficult task because of the superior quality of most of the recipes. However, after the scores were tabulated, five stood out from this elite crowd. The top two versions—from Poche's and Vautrot's—are perhaps the finest boudin I have ever tasted. Poche's is situated off the beaten path between Breaux Bridge and Cecilia, just past Poche's Bridge. Lines of patrons buying Cracklins and boudin usually obstruct a large glass counter in the middle of the grocery store that displays a wonderful selection of quality meats and sausages. Customers drive from far and wide to visit Poche's because of its superior boudin. The pork is coarsely ground, providing a textured landscape on the palate, which is accented by a harmonious seasoning scheme. The coarseness of the stuffing, along with complementary seasoning creates one of the finest boudin recipes in Cajun country.

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BREAUX BRIDGE: Poche’s Market & Restaurant

A sign outside reads “World Famous Cracklin’s.” Inside you can go hog wild feasting on the pork products that have made Poche’s Market a legend in its own time. But don’t let that fool you. During the course of each year’s crawfish season owner Floyd Poché serves up over 100,000 pounds of perfectly seasoned great big crawdads that are harvested from the family’s own 120 acres of ponds. For those who’d like to pack a picnic or take a box of Cajun specialties home, the market’s a one-stop shopping bonanza. From sweet potato pies, pecan pralines and locally roasted Community coffee to jars of roux, Andouille sausage, smoked Tasso and crawfish rice boudin, it’s all there. And if for some strange reason you hunger for something other than craw, Poche’s plate lunches are piled sky-high with down home cooking. At $3.50, the Fried Chicken Plate (served with Dirty Rice and two veggies) is one of the best bargains to be found anywhere. Located at 3015-A Main Highway. Phone: (318)332-2108. Open daily 5:30AM-9PM.

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Recommendations from Mark F. Sohn

Poche's Meat Market is recommended for its variety and quality. Floyd Poché is an excellent home style producer.

Poche's Meat Market
Floyd Poché
3015-A Main Highway
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517
Phone: 318-332-2108; 800-3POCHES
Poche's Meat Market and Restaurant makes and sells pork cracklings, white pork sausage called boudin, and churice, an unsmoked marinated pork sausage. They also make andouille, tasso, crawfish boudin, chaudin and stuffed beef tongue. When the store opened in 1962, boudin and cracklin' were the only items served. Poche's cracklin' is what we call fried pork rinds, because it includes fat fibers, skin and meat. I use them like other cracklings. Floyd Poché supplements his sixteen-item price list with a booklet of recipes, a history of Poche's and descriptions of many of the products. Poche's does not accept COD orders and has a ten-pound minimum order.

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Quality and where to get it

Poche's Tasso Ham by Susan Spicer

The folks at Poche's Market in Breaux Bridge make the best of this traditional seasoned and smoked ham we have found. Lean cuts of pork are coated with red pepper, garlic, vinegar, mustard, jalapeno peppers, salt and black pepper; then carefully smoked. Tasso is great in pasta dishes, dressings and even pizza, but I can't resist cutting it in thin strips and eating it like jerky.

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